Week 2 Reflection

A Practical Guide to Planning for Intentional Differentiation – Differentiating for the needs of all learners is an important focus that many teachers across the world share. We want our students to have a year-plus growth in courses, whether they’re struggling with core basics, are just at the appropriate skill level, or have understanding that exceeds the learning outcomes of the curriculum.
https://www.edutopia.org/article/practical-guide-planning-intentional-differentiation (Links to an external site.)

Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners – Each student comes to school, not only with unique academic needs, but also with unique background experiences, culture, language, personality, interests, and attitudes toward learning. Effective teachers recognize that all of these factors affect how students learn in the classroom, and they adjust, or differentiate, their instruction to meet students’ needs.
https://www.colorincolorado.org/article/differentiated-instruction-english-language-learners (Links to an external site.)

After learning different ways to differentiate instruction, discuss how you will adapt your own teaching to meet the needs of ELL students who learn differently from one another.