Week 4 Discussion 2 Operations Strategy Scenario Prior to beginning work on

Week 4 Discussion 2

  Operations Strategy Scenario

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 1: Sections 1.0-1.6 and Chapter 3: Sections 3.0-3.5 of the required textbook, Operations and Supply Chain Management. In addition, watch What Is Operations Management? Links to an external site..

Describe a customer experience you have personally encountered where the good, service, or both were unsatisfactory (e.g., defective product, errors, mistakes, poor service, service upsets, etc.). How might the organization have handled it better? Specifically identify how operations management could have helped to relieve or eliminate the problem.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words. Support your response with at least one scholarly or credible source in addition to the text.


Collier, D. A, & Evans, J. R. (2019). Operations and supply chain management. Cengage Learning.

Magers, S. [Samantha Magers]. (2014, April 29). What is operations management? Links to an external site.[Video file]. https://youtu.be/leMOReAE2hk