Weekly Assignemnt

Compare and contrast the genres you identify.
First genre: http://read.gov/aesop/052.html (Links to an external site.)
Second genre: http://www.preb.com/biog/felisare.htm (Links to an external site.)Write an introductory sentence classifying each one of a genre.
Support your introductory sentence with, at least, 2 arguments.
Compare both (focus on similarities). You must name 1.
Contrast both (focus on differences). You must name 1.
Include a concluding sentence that states your opinion about both genres.

After analyzing the above literary pieces, you must submit a one APA page summary in which you:
Submit the answers in a Word document in APA format. You must include also at least references in APA format no older than 3 years.


Jun 17th, 2022