weekly refelction journal

By expand, I mean more than reproducing whatever I may put on the board, through the inclusion of comments made in class and your thoughts on the material after class. In particular, I am interested in those concepts or examples you find most helpful, and any questions you may have that we did not get a chance to address in class, or did address but not to your satisfaction.
Minimum Requirements:
At least 500 words of relevant material
Correct grammar and spelling
Submission by 11:59 PM on Tuesday of the following week. While every submission will contribute to your overall Weekly Journal grade, you may not earn more than 100% in this category.
this week subject is natural law

Aquinas on Divine, Natural, and Positive Law

Ahmad, “On Natural Law and Shari’ah”

Edet, “The Natural Law Theory in Traditional African Jurisprudential Thought”

George, Natural Law

Pope, “Reason and Natural Law”

SEP: Natural Law Theories

IEP: Natural Law