What are the consequences of race in American education

Starting with the Brown vs. The Board of Education (1954)decision, this paper should compare and evaluate the different experiences of white studentsand students of color. The comparative analysis should focus on both the intentional andunintentional consequences of race in the education system taking into consideration historical,societal, and personal factors. This paper should conclude with recommendations on how touse equity into classroom practice to improve outcomes for students of color.Requirements:- A minimum of 3 pages (not including work cited), 1.5 spaced, 12 pt. Font- Cite a minimum of 4 scholarly sources using APA formatIntroduction (paragraph)Historical Context (Legal and Social Factors)Comparative Analysis of Intentional and Unintentional Consequences (Societal, and PersonalImpact for white students and students of color)Recommendations for how to use equity to combat marginalization for students of colorConclusion (paragraph)