What I have picked up that will aid me in my first

What I have picked up that will aid me in my first job out of college and/or boost my leadership skills


I have learned four main ideas in this course that I can apply. First, you need a strong work ethic and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. This was illustrated in the first film, which featured Shaun Tomson, a successful businessman and best-selling author who worked tirelessly to attain his goals. The second tenet is that we should all try to increase our levels of mindfulness and self-awareness, as these qualities can lead to more environmentally friendly choices. The second video link supported this idea by talking about the significance of being aware of the effects of our actions on the natural world. The third is that we should constantly push ourselves to improve beyond our expectations. As Shaun Tomson’s narrative so aptly illustrated, success is not a destination but a journey of constant development and progress. The fourth thing I have learned is the importance of believing in yourself, staying focused, and working hard to become successful. Kathy Ireland emphasizes the need to have passion for what you do, be disciplined, and take risks to reach success. With these four guiding ideas in tow, I know I can keep working toward my goals and making a difference in the world.

Leadership ability and learning takeaways

I’ve discovered through this course that Shaun Tomson is an entrepreneur and novelist with a number-one best-selling book. He discusses the significance of decisive leadership and how it can be used to bring about beneficial changes in an organization. He says that to develop a culture that values collaboration and achievement, strong leadership is required, and this leadership extends beyond simply holding a title. He believes that to be effective as a leader, one must be able to motivate other people, articulate one’s expectations, and make choices that are in the group’s overall best interest. In addition to this, he stresses the significance of being able to effectively manage the team as well as cultivating an atmosphere that is both secure and trustworthy.

Through the lecture, I learned about Brian Behlendorf, a computer programmer, entrepreneur, consultant, Angel investor, author, and champion of free software. Behlendorf is also an advocate for free software. He explains the significance of education and how knowledge is essential for attaining one’s goals. He adds that the most effective learning approach is continually testing one’s capabilities and remaining receptive to novel concepts. In addition, he stresses the significance of having a clear goal in mind and the ability to adjust to different situations. He thinks one must be willing to experiment and think of creative solutions to achieve success. He urges people to be open-minded and take the time to study new things. He also encourages people to take the time to discover unique views.

I have also learned a lot about leadership ability and takeaways from Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland is a supermodel, entrepreneur, and author. She made history as she was the first model to appear on the top of Sports Illustrated’s latest issue. She emphasizes the need for “vision,” “hard work,” and “resilience” in this interview as the three keys to achieving one’s goals. She defines vision as the strength to pursue one’s objectives and goals despite adverse circumstances. She also says that we must be willing to put in the time and effort required to make our aspirations come true. Lastly, she stresses the significance of resilience, stressing the need to keep one’s wits about one despite adverse circumstances. Kathy Ireland emphasized the necessity of leadership skills for success through various means.



How I plan to Pursue these Principles

I intend to continue pursuing these values by remaining current on the most recent developments in technology, business, and the environment and educating myself on such improvements. I intend to use the knowledge I’ve gained by conceptualizing and launching brand-new projects and activities that, in addition to positively affecting the environment, offer fresh approaches to the challenges we currently face. I also intend to carry on my role as an outspoken supporter of open-source software and the rights of individuals to have access to knowledge and modern technology. To accomplish this, I will keep up with the work of pioneers such as Brian and Shaun, whose open-source and free software contributions have yielded priceless insights into the possibilities of these two software categories.

In addition, I intend to invest in ecologically responsible companies working toward making a difference in the world. In addition, I will use my expertise to develop and disseminate technology that lessens our impact on the environment. This may involve the creation of applications and products that use renewable energy sources or provide resources for the advancement of projects that promote sustainable development. I want to positively impact the environment and encourage others to do the same by investing in environmentally friendly technologies and businesses. I hope to be able to accomplish this by making green investments.

Lastly, I intend to continue to increase both my and others’ awareness of the significance of preserving the natural world. I will raise awareness of the problems we are facing as well as the answers that are open to us by utilizing the platform I have been given. I will use social media and other online platforms to bring attention to the work of innovators who are making a difference and provide information and advice on how to impact the world positively. My objective is to motivate others to get involved in the battle against climate change and make a unique contribution to the effort.

Ideas taken from these Lectures that can be used going forward

Recently, Shaun Tomson, both a best-selling book and a successful businessman, delivered a talk in which he emphasized the significance of authenticity. He stressed the importance of living one’s life following one’s convictions and principles. Other subjects he discussed included the value of self-reflection and the importance of reevaluating one’s life in light of what matters.

Tomson also emphasized the significance of the benefits of cooperating with others in a group setting. He contended that we could accomplish much more if we collaborated and combined our resources. Additionally, there was what he had to say on the significance of being open to new concepts and gaining knowledge from one another. In addition, he discussed how working together might stimulate creative thinking and result in fresh ways to address previously encountered difficulties.

The talk given by Brian Behlendorf, an advocate for open-source software who is also a computer programmer, entrepreneur, consultant, Angel investor, author, and proponent of free software, provided many helpful suggestions for constructing a more sustainable future. One among these was the concept of using software with an open-source license. To clarify, “open source” refers to computer programs made available with their source code. This allows anybody to create modified versions of the software. By encouraging the use of open-source software, we can realize cost savings on purchasing licenses for proprietary software. Open-source software has the potential to be developed in a more timely and cost-effective manner because programmers from all over the world are constantly improving it.

The lecture also underlined the importance of investing in environmentally friendly technology and renewable energy to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. Investment in renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal, can aid in climate change mitigation by lowering carbon emissions. Geothermal, solar, and wind power are all examples of renewable energy. To name just a few examples of green technology, there are things like electric automobiles, energy-efficient appliances, and ecologically friendly building materials.

I have also learned a lot from Kathy Ireland and taken some ideas that will be very helpful to me. According to Kathy Ireland, if you want to be successful, you need to have a strategy, be enthusiastic about what you do, and be prepared to learn and grow as an individual. In addition to this, she urges individuals to be brave, be aware of their objectives, and act accordingly. In addition, she stresses the significance of having self-belief, working diligently, and remaining resilient. All of these essential components can be used moving ahead to improve one’s chances of success.

Ways this Class has helped me form Goals for the Future.

I can honestly say that this course has been essential in shaping my plans and ambitions. The lessons I took away from Brian’s experience were that it is possible to make something out of nothing with enough time, effort, and focus. My lessons from his tale include maintaining a sense of modesty and gratitude throughout the process, regardless of the outcome. The life of Shaun Tomson has served as an inspiration to me as well. He has taught me that I can triumph over any difficulty by keeping a sunny disposition and working hard. His example has taught me the value of maintaining concentration and fortitude in facing challenges. In addition, I’ve learned from this course that success often comes to those willing to seize opportunities and take measured risks.


I’ve learned that we need a strong work ethic and resilience to be successful in a path of ongoing improvement. Knowing how human actions affect nature is crucial to success. Two lectures on climate change and self-reflection were thought-provoking. Brian Behlendorf, an open-source and free software enthusiast, gave a presentation. The author and businessman Shaun Tomson gave the other. Shaun Tomson’s life inspires me. He encouraged me to retain a positive attitude and work hard to overcome challenges. I have also learned from Kathy Ireland that, to succeed, there is essential to have a solid work ethic, be self-motivated, and occasionally take calculated risks.