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Creating Inclusion Plan for Oneself-knowing, accepting, and expressing one’s whole self at work (chapter three)
Define your “whole” self.
In what ways do you think or have you suppressed yourself in the workplace or a student organization or a classroom because you did not feel safe, accepted, valued or listened to. If this has never occurred, why do you think you have never experienced this.
What non-inclusionary practices could cause each of the following groups to suppress themselves, please explain your rationale:
What are four workplace conditions that can be done for you to feel included? Why these four?
What are four things you can do as a workplace leader to make sure all under your leadership feel included? Why these four?
Person with a non-visible disability
Someone in same sex marriage
Person of color who is part of the non-dominant racial/ethnic group
Women in male dominated environments
Men in female dominated employments
Part two: Answer the following four questions utilizing one to two paragraphs per question.
Intercultural Competence Plan-fostering authentic relationships, utilization of the Inclusion Equation (chapters six and seven)
How can micro-aggressions prevent the fostering of authentic relationships?
Provide four examples from chapter six that are examples of behavioral manifestations and state why these would work.
State the components of the Inclusion Equation from chapter seven explaining what each is and how it works to create inclusion.