Which character do you find most intriguing, and why?

Below are additional questions to help foster the discussion or inspire further literary analysis:
Which character do you find most intriguing, and why?
Which of the first-person narrators is the most unreliable, and why?
Which of the character’s traits (physical, moral, mental, etc.) seem especially significant to the action of the story?
What details (e.g. dialogue, surroundings, symbolism, etc.) are provided to communicate the personality of the character?
In what ways, or to what extent does the protagonist’s internal conflict mirror larger societal conflicts, tensions, or issues of his/her world? In other words, what is the author exploring with regard to identity, politics, history, and culture?
Brass Tacks
Part 2: Compose a minimum of one substantive, well-written literary analysis. Your paragraph must be 200 in length and incorporate textual evidence (words, phrases, etc.) that are properly cited (page numbers in parentheses at end of sentence, before the period).
Google any one of these short stories, and pick one story to do part one and part two assignment on.
Kate Chopin, “Story of an Hour,” pp. 115-17
Flannery O’Connor, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” 224-31
Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” pp. 331-33
Alice Walker, “Everyday Use,” pp. 255-60.