Part 1: 300 Words

Explain the relationship between the degree of social stratification in a society and the type of political system that society is likely to have–band, tribe, chiefdom, or state.

(View this within the context of the text’s explanation of culture being integrated from Chapter 2 PDF as well as the explanation of the holistic approach in cultural anthropology that is also included here)Part 2: 300 Words

Information for this assignment is to be drawn from the culture sketch on Samoa assigned from chapter 12 in the book Culture Sketches by Peters-Golden. Use the same area of focus that you used previously

Subject Area #1: Subsistence Strategy (how do they survive?)

Food and Shelter–what do people generally eat? How do they obtain it? How is it prepared? What do their homes look like? Who lives together?

Division of Labor—how do tasks vary by gender and age? Are there any areas of specialization or is everyone involved in obtaining food?

Property—what do people own in addition to their home? This often includes tools and animals.Part 3: 300 words

Maintaining order is society can be accomplished in many different ways. Select any two groups you have read about in your book Culture Sketches and describe the informal or formal manner in which social control is maintained in that culture (see Lenkeit text Chapter 10 for a discussion of informal and formal means of social control.)Part 4:

ystems of social control have two functions–to punish offenders and to restore social order. What do you think is the balance between those two purposes of our informal system of social control? (Think in terms of systems of control within families or groups of friends.)*ALL PARTS ONLY USE SOURCES FROM ATTACHED FILES