Workplace romances can lead to many problems in the workplace for any

Workplace romances can lead to many problems in the workplace for any and all parties involved. With this in mind, the company has set forth a new policy regarding workplace relationships. While the company realizes that we cannot keep employees away from each other, we highly suggest that there should not be relationships in or out of the workplace between employees. The following are terms that all employees should read and follow from now on as these are now in effect for everyone.

Refrain from inappropriate talk with others (ie: sexual inuendos, ‘dirty’ jokes, shoptalk etc)

Refrain from any and all employee relationships

No employee should make any sexual advances towards another

No employee can advance their carrier in any sexual conduct, nor can they be asked to do so

No employee will receive special treatment of any kind because they are or are not involved with an employee

No employee can be discriminated against based on the fact of being involved with another employee

The company will not fire anyone if they decide to become romantically involved, but employees can be reprimanded if the employees do not share their relationship with Human Resources and decide to keep their relationship to themselves

If employees wish to date and form a relationship:

Both employees will need to sit down with Human Resources to discuss their relationship

Both employees will need to sign a ‘Love Contract’ which will state if the relationship ends for any personal circumstances they will not sue the company

Employees cannot date or become romantic with their direct supervisor – if they wish to do so, one employee will need to switch their position with the company or step down from their higher position

Besides informing Human Resources of the relationship status (of when it starts and/ if it ends), Human Resources will not be involved in any other part of the relationship

The company recognizes that this might feel as an invasion of privacy but to ensure all employees of all levels are cared for and respected in and out of the workplace. We have looked into and based our policy on Kantianism and Utilitarianism and Rights Ethical Theories to best determine the best policy for all employees employed within the company. We want all employees to feel comfortable, safe, and happy when in the workplace. We do not wish to violate anyone’s rights, protect the dignity of all our employees, and maximize welfare and minimize harm for all.

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