write a reading response around 500 words

Cut and paste the passage into the text box along with citation of the article.
What are two or three points that stand out to you?
Include a couple phrases that caught your attention.
How did you respond to the paragraph from both intellectual and emotional points of view?
It’s fine for your reading response to be in the form of lists or bullet points and a sentence or two of explanation or you may weave everything together into a paragraph.
FIVE PASSAGES FROM: The Importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) When Examining Climate Change (Links to an external site.) ” by SAMANTHA CHISHOLM HATFIELD

Start of Chisolm’s TEK/western science journey
“It all started with a simple conversation over lunch. The fuse had been lit, the spark began, and the first step had occurred in my journey, unbeknownst to me at the time. Later that day, I realized, for the first time in my life, I had experiences that were unique. And, I realized I held knowledge. Knowledge that was different from others; knowledge that went beyond the scientific or academic type, and that ran richer, deeper, more extensive. Sitting over sandwiches, sitting with culture, sitting with knowledge.”