write a speech

part 1- There has been a lot of talk about this concept of “fake news.” This has a lot to do with making sure that we, as consumers of information, carefully evaluate sources before determining their worth. It is your task to find a piece of “fake” or misleading news and share it with us. Then, you should find 1-2 credible sources that support why it is fake. You should provide the source(s) for us at the end of this discussion in APA format.
You should then discuss your upcoming speech topic for your Informative Speech about a business or business person. Tell us about the sources you chose to use and how you evaluated their credibility. How do these sources contribute to support your speech? How does the support you chose create audience connection with your topic? You should also cite these sources for us at the end of this discussion in APA format.
What is the overall danger of people not carefully analyzing and evaluating sources?
part 2 is about the informative speech This informative speech will be 4–5 minutes.(just writing)
For this informative speech assignment you will need to:
Choose either a famous business person or a famous business for your topic.
Conduct research on the life of the famous business person or information about the famous business. You must cite at least 2 credible research sources.
Develop and submit an outline and reference page.
If you choose a famous business person, you may want to focus on that person’s background (childhood), awards, contributions, scandals, etc.
If you choose a famous business, you may want to focus on the history, products/services offered, business development throughout the years, future plans, contributions to society, etc.
You must use two credible research sources for this speech.
speech requirements Speech starts off with a strong attention getter to gain interest in the topic. Speaker establishes credibility, creates audience relevance, and previews the main points.