Writing 1 Exercise

You can write to an educational company.
Write a Letter of Inquiry to a vendor. Create a name and address (real city, state, and zip code) for the vendor. Complete the assignment in a Microsoft Word document and upload.
Write a Letter of Inquiry (page 201) to a vendor for the purchase of merchandise (be specific) for your company. Specify your needs in the discussion. Be sure to follow the criteria, provided in the chapter, for writing an effective letter of inquiry. The assignment will be graded on components of a letter of inquiry, grammar and mechanics, sentence structure and development. However, follow the guidelines below that reflect some changes from the example on page 202. Complete the assignment in a Microsoft Word (pdf) document and upload.
Letter of Inquiry
Center your address (create a full address for yourself: name, address, numbers, and email)
Left align date
Left align inside address (a full address, the same as your company with owner’s name [not your name]).
Salutation must be directed to a person( Do not give a subject line).
Introduction: Briefly state the intent of the letter.
Body/Discussion: Explain, in one paragraph, your specific needs. (Do not list / use bullets)
Conclusion: Explain when you will need the response and why you need it by date given.
Complimentary Close: Align left and make sure to use a formal one.
Signed Name: Use a script font (It looks like cursive writing, not Times New Roman)
Name: Type Name
**Double space in between paragraphs; single space paragraphs; use Times New Roman; 12 in.
Heading: 10/10 pts.Date: 5/5 pts.Inside Address: 10/10 pts.Salutation:5/5 pts.Introduction: 15/15 pts.Discussion: 20/20 pts. Conclusion: 15/15 pts.Close: 5/5 pts.Signed Name: 5 /5 pts.Typed Name: 5/5pts.Spacing Between Entries: 5/5 pts.