Writing a talent management plan for HSBC Australia

This plan will help HSBC Australia manage its human resources and stay competitive in the banking industry.
Imagine that you work for a consulting company which is specialised in human resource management. HSBC Australia hired your company to draft the talent management plan for them. You are assigned to work with HSBC on this task.
Please draft a Talent Management Plan for HSBC Australia, drawing on:
a) theOracleWhitePaper(link:Thefutureoftalentmanagement:Underlying drivers of change)
b) what you have learned in your lectures by the deadline of the assignment.
In this plan, you need to describe what challenges the company might be facing, and what do you think the company should do in relation to talent management, and why they should take these measures.
Due Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 6 p.m. (Jakarta time)
Length: 1500 words ( /-200 words) reference list
Format: Double spacing, Times New Roman, size 12 font, double-sided
Reference Style: RMIT Harvard (http://www1.rmit.edu.au/library/referencing-guides)
Submission: Information on the process of submitting your assessment is in the Blackboard.
The essay needs to be well structured and coherent such that it clearly communicates insights and critical thinking. This assessment piece will be assessed primarily on their ability to recognise, analyse and discuss the key issues, theories and practices relevant to the case study. You will be assessed based on your ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the scenario and the Contemporary Management theories.