Writing assignment 1 Impact on Student Learning Reflection Write a 3-page reflection

Writing assignment 1

Impact on Student Learning Reflection 

Write a 3-page reflection on your impact on student learning in your classroom. Use the following prompts to guide your reflection:

Part 1 – Describe your classroom factors (physical features, technology resources, parental involvement, and grouping practices).

Part 2 – Describe your plan to communicate assessment expectations, results, and feedback to students. Also, include how students monitor their own progression of learning.

Part 3 – Discuss how you differentiate learning for students.

Part 4 – Discuss how you use formative assessment data to make modifications to instruction.

Part 5 – Explain two professional learning goals (from What Great Teachers do Differently) that will improve teaching and planning for instruction.

Requirements: Your reflection needs to be written in APA format. Label each component of the assignment. Your paper should be 3 or more pages in length with at least one reference (from What Great Teachers Do Differently) cited within the text and on the References page.

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9th and 10th grade