Writing Assignment #4

You want your constitution to be conducive to free and just government. You are creating the best form of government you can conceive of.This paper should basically be an in-depth analsysi of the est, and worst, elements of several of the governmental structures we have studied this semester.Submit your paper no later than December 18 by 11:59 pm.You should begin by discussing the legislative branch. What would your legislature be like? Would it be bicameral or unicameral, and why? How many members would there be? How would they be chosen, by vote or appointment? Would they be based on proportional representation or winner take all?In addressing each of the above questions you should also Endeavour to compare each section you creat to one of the systems we have studied. For example, if you chose to create a bicameral legislature, explain which system this is similar to and why you chose it. You should do this with each part of your constitution.Things to consider:What is the purpose of your government? This should be outlined in your preamble.Who has power, what limitations and safeguards are placed on this power?How is the legislature structured? How is the executive structured? Judiciary?How does your constitution create checks and balances?How does your constitution promote liberty and justice?How long can members serve in your government? Are there term limits, etc.?Consider representation, etc.The above suggestions represent some important issues to consider, but do not be limited by this list. In creating this constitution you must also compare the specific aspects of your system to those of other similar systems. For example, if your system has a PM with the power to dissolve parliament, you may say that this is similar to the British or Canadian system. This paper should be approximately 3 to 5 pages in length and should represent your understanding of multiple different governmental systems as well as your ideas about how to create a government that best serves the people in a free and democratic manner.