writing (in the attachment you will have some quotes)

For this assignment, it will be required to build two paragraphs for your final paper. Please use quotes from the short stories that you will be using as evidence. Then, the analysis should be from the perspective of the theory you will be using. We will be using MLA format. In general, you will use (Last Name Page #) as a format for citations (see examples given). If there is not a page number, then cite the paragraph number instead. We will discuss citation more in the coming weeks.
Choose a quote (1-3 sentences) from a short story that we have read related to your paper idea. Then, complete the following:
[Topic Sentence] Write 1-2 sentences that generally introduce the idea/theme to be discussed. This sentence should not need a citation. If you only read this sentence, then you should know what the paragraph will be about.
[Evidence] Write the quote (1-3 sentences) that you will be using with a phrase leading into it. All quotations should have a phrase from your leading into it and a citation at the end of the quote. Example: In the text “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” the narrator explains, “add quote here” (Le Guin 47).
[Analysis] Add 2-3 sentences analyzing the quote from the perspective of your chosen theory (Feminist, Marxist, etc.). What does the quote/evidence mean from this perspective? Why is the quote/evidence important from this perspective? What does it indicate about the theme, text, etc.?
[Maintain Thesis] Add 1-2 sentences connecting back to your thesis. [For now, you probably do not have a thesis, so write a sentence that connects to the paper topic in some way].
This assignment is designed to help us to begin writing the Final paper. It will be primarily graded on effort and following the paragraph format.