writing lesson plans

You will create 2 consecutive lesson plans (see template) focusing on one of the 4 proficiency areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading, or Writing. The lesson can be on any topic of your choice ( topic should be simple and clear), with a group of students of any age. The target language is your choice as well. One of the lessons must have technology integrated in order to support student learning and language development. (please tell me which one lesson is using the technology tool )
You need to write a 1 paragraph introduction that will cover both of your lessons (like what you chose this topic or theme and appropriate for the designated grade level.) You do not need to write two separate paragraphs, as they are connected/interrelated lessons.
Lessons must:
Have an explicit teaching point
Build on each other (consecutive)
Have clear and measurable content and language objectives
Include a mini-lesson, independent or partner/group practice, and lesson closure/share time
Integrate a technological tool to enhance or support learning and language development
Explicit teaching
Exhibit teacher assessment or evaluation of learning (this can be the student work that they create during the lesson, it can be anecdotal notes that you take during a speaking activity, it can be their recordings on flipgrid, etc.)
Here are the two samples for you to take it look
Sample 1: Academic vocabulary lesson on the topic of water availability around the world. (Vocabulary words: access and differ)
Sample 2: “Making connections” lesson based on the novel “Front Desk”.