writting an essay

Include your full name, course name/section, instructor’s name, and date in the upper right hand corner (single-spaced). Also, include a title that is centered. Do not use a cover page. Note: Papers will not be accepted if all directions and requirements for this Assignment are not followed.

Students must conduct research AND watch the following videos available on Blackboard under Assignments: 1. TED Global (2009), “The Danger of a Single Story” (18:49), author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; 2. TEDx Pennsylvania Ave (2015)., “From Invisible to Visible” (11:56), journalist Maria Hinojosa; and 3. PBS NewHour (2018), “Now Read This” book club interviews (2 videos: 7:19, 6:40), author Jesmyn Ward.

Based upon your research and viewing of the videos, you must provide your own responses (in complete sentences, using paragraphs) to the following questions, making sure to minimally cite relevant examples from your research and videos (in proper APA format) as support for your responses. Additionally, all of your sources must be included on a separate references page, in proper APA format, at the end of your paper. Do not include the questions as headings; do not number your responses; and do not include an introduction and conclusion.