Yicheng Wang wyccc17@gmail.com INST – Final Project Proposal Prof. Dempwolf Nov. 10th,

Yicheng Wang


INST – Final Project Proposal

Prof. Dempwolf

Nov. 10th, 2022

Final Project Proposal – Election

Should roughly follow the outline in the previous slides, but may be modified

Should emphasize defining the problem and desired outcomes (questions 1 – 3; 8, 10)

Contemplate performance metrics more from the business perspective rather than the ML perspective

Identify assumptions

Then consider ML framing, metrics, etc.

For this project, I want to

1. Define the objective in business terms. (try to avoid speaking casually)

understanding the titanic data, gain a better understanding/closely analysis of the data;

2. How will your solution be used?

3. What are the current solutions/workarounds (if any)?

4. How should you frame this problem (supervised/unsupervised, online/offline, etc.)?

5. How should performance be measured?

6. Is the performance measure aligned with the business objective?

7. What would be the minimum performance needed to reach the business objective?

8. What are comparable problems? Can you reuse experience or tools?

9. Is human expertise available?

10. How would you solve the problem manually?

11. List the assumptions you (or others) have made so far.

12. Verify assumptions if possible. – is it true, can you find the evidence that it is true.

somebody think the problem isn’t solvable, if the problem worse solving it.


thesis of the project – finding solutions on how we prevent sinking of boats like titanic did; learn from the mistakes to advance future society

Format and type

Type of file, the digital object format

The nature or genre of the resource

Subject and coverage

Topic of the resource, biologically or geographically

Specifically a topic that happen to be geographic; spatial topic

Creator and contributer

Main entity responds for making the thing

Entity that makes contribute to it, but isn’t primarily responsible for it