You are the appointed business/project management team for HomeBox (HB). HB specializes

You are the appointed business/project management team for HomeBox (HB). HB specializes in building

telework and remote collaboration software and is in the initial stages of launch. They need to build a new

collaboration platform that heightens productivity and increases virtual meeting efficiency. Build a PowerPoint presentation pitch of your business plan

You can assume the software team will develop the technology, so you don’t

need to talk about the technology aspect. Some deliverables the plan can include are listed at the bottom

of this document. Please submit a pre-recorded presentation (you can use a voice over; you will not be

required to give a live presentation unless you wish to do so).

The features HB would be incorporating are:

– Pre-meeting agendas

– Collaborative notes within a meeting

– Collaborative whiteboards within a meeting

– Google drive integration

– JIRA integration

– Recorded meeting minutes/notes/agendas that get pushed directly to their google

drive/JIRA/Trello board accounts

– Chat system

– Video conferencing

– Audio conferencing

Roles Defined: These definitions should not be the only things you should consider, but they serve more

as guidelines as to what each role should think about. If you are working individually, you will have to

take a little bit of each role and build your plan that way. In essence, all these roles and tasks will have to be worked on in one way or another so if you are working individually, you may have more to think about than if you are working with a group.

Business/Project Manager

– In charge of the overall project management team

– Will decide how to conduct business and how pricing would be structured. Will you charge

customers $15/month? Will you charge customers a one-time fee? Will you charge every single

user? Will you charge only the user that sets up the meeting?

– In charge of the overview and executive summary as well as the structure and presentation of the

overall business plan document

– In charge of understanding the scope and how many people would need to be employed to get the

job done

Sales & Marketing Manager

– Will decide which niche to market the product (picking a niche among students only, universities

only, businesses only, socially only, or all, etc)

– In charge of putting together (a fictional) sales team

– In charge of the overall marketing strategy and how HB will go to market

– How you will undergo brand recognition and brand awareness

– Will you conduct webinars? Will you set up trade shows? Will you use social media advertising?

Will you hire another sales team to completely market everything for you?

Finance Manager

– In charge of all projections (if you choose to include them)

– In charge of budgeting for every category – How much $$$ will go in marketing? How much $$$

will go into brand awareness? How much $$$ will go into operations and maintenance? How

much $$$ will go into help desk support – if you choose to have one

– In charge of expenses – “what to spend on what”

Operations & Maintenance Manager

– Will decide how many people to hire to support the project, assuming the technology team will

actually develop the software

– Will decide whether or not to include a support team (a help desk), how many people to hire for

support while

– Will decide how to monitor the progress of the project and include status reports if desired

The Business Plan can include but is not limited to (all of these are not required—again, it’s up to you

how to want to structure it):

– Executive summary

– Organizational Chart (any employees you may hire)

– Project Goals

– Project Scope Statement

– Project Charter

– Roles and responsibilities

– Constraints and assumptions

– Project Schedule

– Gantt Chart

– Risk Assessment

– Market research

– Network Flow Diagrams

– System Boundary Diagrams

– Future projections (1-year, 3-year, or 5-year) – income statements

– Projection Diagrams

– Business & Pricing Model (one-time fee vs. monthly subscription model)

– Per User Pricing (like MS Teams or Slack, where everyone that uses it has to pay) vs. Per Host

Pricing (like Zoom or WebEx, where only the host of the meeting has to pay)

– Sales and marketing strategy

– Operations & Maintenance Strategy

– How to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace for the project

– Any other information you think would help explain the business case and benefits

As project and business managers, you will have to get creative at times. You’ll be graded on your
creativity and how you create a business model for HomeBox (HB). You’ll be graded on your assignment
as a whole. Please feel free to email me with any questions, I’m pretty responsive.