you will be performing three separate tasks that are deeply connected:

Task 1: Define your audience. You decide to whom you are writing the blog: your best friend, a parent or grandparent, a significant other, the university audience, a teammate, a stranger, your employer, your younger sibling and so forth. Describe your audience at the top of the blog in a few words. For example: Audience = a friend I have known since middle school and with whom I am very close. (no more than 20 words).
Task 2: Once you have finished reading act 1 of A Doll House, introduce your audience to the characters Nora and Torvald Helmer, based on what you know of them from the first act. Consider their personalities, desires, ways they operate, and, most importantly, their marriage. Make sure you provide evidence from the play (cite it!) and the analysis they will need to understand how that evidence validates your assertions. Keep your chosen audience in mind as you write. It will help you determine level of formality, vocabulary, punctuation, and probably even the details you choose to reveal. (about 400 words).
Task 3: Write a very brief paragraph about the choices you made in writing to this audience. (whatever length you need).