You will be responsible for finding sources of data to answer the question

See below for your individual question of interest
You will be responsible for finding sources of data to answer the question of interest. These data sources need to be places that we can go to repeatedly to find information. For example, a website. Do not call people or the locations to get data.
You will be responsible for creating a visual in Excel which answers the question of interest. The visualization can come from the data you found.
After the case study reports are graded, the instructor will add your visualization to the class data dashboard. Here are some examples of data dasboards. Examples
Your report will address the question of interest, talk about your data sources and talk about the visualization. Explain why you chose that visualization to answer the question of interest and how it was created.
You will be submitting a written report in a Word document (not Excel). You may need to copy and paste the Excel visualization results into your Word document.
The written report should be at least 600 words (not including Excel outputs)

What are the results of health and safety inspections at the four following apartment complexes? Compare them for both health and safety inspections.
Olde Salem Village Aparments, 6084 Argyle Dr APT B, Falls Church, VA 22041
Parkwood Apartments, 3421 Glen Carlyn Dr, Falls Church, VA 22041
Hillwood Manor Apartments, 6079 Bellview Dr APT A, Falls Church, VA 22041
Vista Gardens Apartments, 6024 Vista Dr #104, Falls Church, VA 22041