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English 11A – Creating a Dramatic Scene



Center Stage: Walking through the mall at the height of the Winter Holiday shopping season, Rasaun and Natalie spotted a thick wallet lying under a bench.

East Corner of the stage near Candy Shoppe: Rasaun rushes to the wallet and reaches it as Natalie shrieks with excitement.

RASAUN (unfolding the wallet). Look what I found! It’s got a wad of $20 bills and a couple of business cards.

NATALIE (Pushing Rasaun into the bench.) YOU found? I saw it too.

RASAUN (Elbowing Natalie out of the way.) Geeze, ease up, would ya.

NATALIE Yeah, okay. (Natalie exhales as Rasaun leans toward her with the wallet.)

RASAUN I could buy a new ___?__ game with this money.

NATALIE I could have a whole spa day.

RASAUN The right thing to do is find the owner.

NATALIE Yeah, but that will take all day because the business cards have different names and numbers.

RASAUN Hmmm. . . I guess we could call all numbers and see if any of them own the wallet.

Stage Direction: (Rasaun and Natalie stand near the mall entrance – west side of stage and each call the numbers on the business cards. Rasaun drops his phone and gives the cut throat symbol to Natalie showing he rolled into voicemail during the first call. Natalie gets very excited as she talks. She shakes her hands with excitement as she looks at Rasaun.)

NATALIE Okay, we’ll meet you at McDonalds to collect our $100 reward.

Stage Direction – next scene – Rasaun and Natalie enter the McDonalds – Center stage

Stage direction: – center stage (Rasaun and Natalie stand at a table near the entrance of McDonald’s)

RASAUN: Wait, we should think about this first.

NATALIE: (exhaling) think about what? We are already here; $ 100 is a lot considering we did not have it.

RASAUN: I mean, we need to strategize, think about it, this guy may not be honest; he has a bunch of credit cards in his wallet with different names and numbers.

NATALIE: You’re right. What are you thinking?

RASAUN: We should take out our $100 before giving him the wallet.

NATALIE: I think we should call the police. What if he’s a criminal and has been stealing from all these people?

RASAUN: No! We need to be smart about it. Okay, you called him, so he is expecting a girl to approach him. I could stay back with the money.

NATALIE: What if he hurts me? Or grabs me? Am getting scared.

RASAUN: Don’t worry, I will go in first and sit at the next table; I’ll be listening in. call him again so we can identify him.

NATALIE: I think I see him; he said he would be in a blue baseball cap and a black jacket.

Stage direction – (Rasaun takes the wallet and counts five $20 bills. He then circles the room to the west corner of the stage near the window, where a man is seated with anticipation. Natalie waits a few moments and then approaches the guy nervously.)

NATALIE: Excuse me, is this seat taken?

MAN: I am waiting for someone; I thought it was you.

NATALIE: Yes, it’s me. Did you lose your wallet? Can you describe it?

MAN: Someone broke into my car yesterday and stole my wallet. I have been canceling my credit cards and accounts the whole day.

NATALIE: Is this the wallet? (Handing the wallet to him)

MAN: No! But some of these are my cards. Thank you. Where did you find it?

(Rasaun, who has been listening in now, joins in the conversation, narrating how they found the wallet.)