8030: Health Communication and Public Health Campaigns

Post your responses to the Discussion based on the course requirements.


Your Discussion postings should be written in standard, edited English and follow APA guidelines as closely as possible given the constraints of the online platform. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources, as appropriate. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

Initial posting this week must be 1000 words (not including references).

Effective health communication means developing and disseminating effective public health messages toward solutions to public health issues (Parker & Thorson, 2009). For example, if you aspire to help reduce teenage pregnancy, you would need to develop a strong knowledge base of not only teenage pregnancy, but also the effective communication techniques to address multiple audiences affected by teenage pregnancy. These techniques may include traditional media, such as print and television advertising, as well as contemporary approaches such as social media.

Public health campaigns channel a public health message into a structured plan to disseminate vital information to target audiences. In this course you will develop a public health campaign for a public health issue you are interested in or feel passionate about. You may choose to create a campaign on a local, national, or global level. Each week you will create a component of the public health campaign and collaborate with your colleagues through your Discussion posts on its development and the overall presentation and effectiveness of your campaign. As you consider the development of your campaign, consider what challenges you might encounter and how you might address those challenges.

To begin developing a campaign, first identify a public health issue which you are interested in. Then research the public health issue to determine whether it is actually a critical issue. For example, if you want to help reduce drug use among urban youth, you need to investigate whether this is a critical issue among that group or if there are other more pressing issues. Research is an essential component to building an effective public health campaign. You must also consider what marketing strategies you might employ and how you might utilize public relations with your target audience.

For this Discussion, revisit the media titled “Introduction to Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations for Public Health Leaders”. Consider the steps needed to create a public health campaign for the public health issue that interests you. In addition, review the article “Farmers sun exposure, skin protection, and public health campaigns: An Australian Perspective” and pay particular attention to the steps taken to develop this campaign. Finally, review the media titled “Introduction to Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations for Public Health Leaders” and think about how communication of public health issues is vital to the role of a public health leader.


Parker, J. C., & Thorson, E. (Eds.). (2009). Health communication in the new media landscape. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company



Develop an 800 or more-word Discussion post that addresses the following:


  • Identify a public health issue for which you are interested in developing a public health campaign.
  • Explain why this issue warrants a public health campaign.
  • Identify a key element of health communication that is essential for a public health leader, in particular a leader who wishes to address the issue you have selected.
  • Describe one potential challenge of developing a campaign for your public health issue and explain one way you might address the challenge.