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The Foundation of Socialization

Using the University Library, search for an article that supports your work. You can find peer-reviewed resources in the Library under the PsycARTICLES database. This will also help to broaden your understanding of the topic being studied each week.

Compare and contrast the child outcomes associated with authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive parenting styles. Do these parenting styles have a positive or negative impact on socialization? Do socioeconomic, political ideology, culture, religious, and ethnic orientations create a bias towards a particular parenting style? How is socialization of the developing child affected by children being raised by divorced parents, single parents, same-sex parents, or multiracial families? What do your peer-reviewed sources say about these variables related to socialization?

A minimum of 400 words required

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A question

Part 1 (50%)
Shelby Givens has formulated two alternative strategies that she is preparing to present to her Board in the expectation that they will support moving forward by agreeing to adopt one of these new market development initiatives:
The addition of a family and kid-friendly environment with the addition of free arcade games and separate “play” area (that would be presumably supervised), or
The development of an upscale bowling lounge environment that would appeal to the upscale single young professionals in the area.
From a purely marketing perspective, develop a comparative SWOT analysis on these two alternative proposals and provide your own definitive recommendation as to which one of these two initiatives you would support or if neither, and why based upon the information contained in the case and any other pertinent information you may be able to collect, if you wish to do so via the internet or other credible sources.

Part 2 (50%)
Westlake Lanes has had a long history in the recreation market they serve in Raleigh. It is clear from the case study that there has been a loyal following of customers over the decades since Shelby’s late grandfather established the business. It can, therefore, be assumed that one niche that could be further considered as a development opportunity to target is the seniors in the region who have been those loyal customers. Perhaps an initiative that markets a range of new service offerings to seniors, via seniors’ clubs or centres, could be explored to encourage expanded use of the Westlake Lanes facilities, especially during the weekday and off-peak times. Seniors’ bowling leagues could be promoted through seniors’ clubs and residence complexes; catering, with lighter food and beverage menus, and special challenges and contests could be offered.
Develop a SWOT presentation and supporting observations for the Board that evaluates the opportunities that such an added market niche focus presents.

Note: The aggregate total word count of 1000 words +/- 5% applies to the content of Parts 1 and 2 taken together.