Almost a Miracle

Give the proper Chicago Style bibliographic citations for the book and for references from the book. 2. Identify the main idea or theme of the book. Identify the author’spremise for writing the book. (at least one paragraph) 3. Summarize the main points of the book. Use quotes or paraphrasesfrom the book to prove your point (cite this material). (This sectionshould be two or three detailed paragraphs.) 4. Evaluation: Did you like or dislike the book and why? What did youlearn from the book? Do you feel the main points were supported? Cite evidence from the book to support your opinion. (at least oneparagraph) 5. Use proper conventions of English. Book Reviews will be at least four detailed paragraphs at a minimum and should be double-spaced. Please be sure to cover all of the aboverequirements.