WK8 culture

Part 1: 300 Words

Information for this assignment is to be drawn from the culture sketch on the Kaluli assigned from the book Culture Sketches by Peters-Golden. Use the same area of focus that you used previously

Subject Area #1: Subsistence Strategy (how do they survive?)

Food and Shelter–what do people generally eat? How do they obtain it? How is it prepared? What do their homes look like? Who lives together?

Division of Labor—how do tasks vary by gender and age? Are there any areas of specialization or is everyone involved in obtaining food?

Property—what do people own in addition to their home? This often includes tools and animals.Part 2: 300 Words

The Kaluli are primarily known among anthropologists for two things: their strict separation of the sexes and their religious beliefs and ceremonies. Pick either of these topics and provide a brief description. (Do not repeat your work from Assignment 9.1. For example, if the topic you are writing about for 9.1 is childrearing, then write about the religious/ceremonial life here. Same goes if you are focusing on religion. If so, write about childrearing.)Part 3: 300 Words

Which example of sexual behavior or attitudes common in another culture as described in the text did you find particularly interesting? This can be because you found it disturbing, and difficult to maintain a perspective of cultural relativism when considered, or because you found it admirable and wished it was part of U.S. culture. Explain your thoughts on this.Part 4:

Based on the information from the video, what is one difference that you see in the treatment of and attitudes toward fa’afafine in Samoa and the treatment of and attitudes toward transgendered individuals in the United States. If you don’t know enough about the latter, just describe something that strikes you as interesting from the video.


http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/07/16/faafafine-boys-raised-be-girlsONLY USE SOURCES FROM PROVIDED TEXTS