Discrimination for pregnant woman in the workplace

In this part of the project, your job is to think broadly and to research possible solutions to the problems you have identified that are related to the topic you discussed in Parts 1 and 2.
Look for others who have addressed the situation and have come up with solutions. Look for and report on any business organizations, non-governmental organizations, and/or non-profit organizations addressing your topic. This is a great place to research non-profit organizations that may be addressing the same concerns you are addressing in this project. For example, if you are concerned about clean water, you may consider looking at the American Water Works Association, which is dedicated to protecting water as a vital resource.
Use the evidence you have collected to support your proposed solutions. If there are opposing views, be sure to address your how your solutions will be more effective. Make sure you cite your evidence. You must use EVIDENCE to back up your opinions. Please refer to Part 2 for a refresher or visit the IndianaUniversityWritingGuide:
Indiana University Writing Guide on Evidence in Research Papers (opens in new window)
Answer these questions in this part of the paper: (This should be at least 2 pages double-spaced. Make sure you include citations or in-text citations for all your resources. Use the MLA format for your citations).
1. Are the current laws or regulations the best way to handle the problems you identifed that are related to the issue/topic you are researching? Explain.
2. What are some alternatives to the this bill? Explain.
3. What would your ideal solution be to resolve the problems you identified that are related to the issue/topic you are researching? Why?
4. Look for and report on any business organizations, non-governmental organizations, and/or non-profit organizations addressing your topic. What is their mission and how are they trying to make changes to resolve the problems? Do you think they are effective? Explain.

How Students Gain From Academic Writing Services

Notable Facts on How Students Gain From Academic Writing Services


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Get Side Hustles


Although students will obtain loans for their studies, you must understand that the money might never be enough. As a student, you may want to look for another job that will give you sufficient income to pay your bills. However, academic assignments might block you from getting a side hustle because they need much of your time and attention. Looking for academic writing service will allow you to get employment because you will have professionals writing academic work for you.


Obtain High Grades


The job market requires students who have earned top marks in their course because it proves their competency. The essays and other assignments that the student will handle in the middle of the semester will determine their overall score. When you are not competent in research and putting your thoughts together, you may consider working with an academic writing service. The expert writers have been dealing with papers and essays like yours for a long, which means they can deliver quality work. You can expect high marks when you have an academic writing company on your side.


Meet Deadlines


The lecturers are quite strict on students who do not submit their work within the required timelines. Some professors might demand that the student repeats the whole course if they cannot submit the essay on time. Academic writing services are the solution for all students who intend to submit their paper before the deadline. The professionals will complete the essay within the shortest time possible since they are able to work under pressure.


Get Better Sleep


You may not sleep knowing that you have an essay awaiting you. Failure to get enough sleep will affect your mental and physical health, something you intend to avoid. Delegating the work to the expert writers is an informed choice since they can handle everything on your behalf. After reaching out to the academic writing service, you can expect them to write the content, edit it, and remove all plagiarism. Visit this website to see more facts on the advantages students can enjoy while working with academic writing services.



What Is Dementia And Symptoms For The Health Condition?

What Is Dementia And Symptoms For The Health Condition?


Introduction to Dementia


Dementia is a mental health condition that affects the memory, brains, and behavior of an individual. Statistics show that about 50 million persons around the globe have dementia. In the United States, the number of dementia patients has increased because of various lifestyle changes.


Dementia patients will have challenges in performing daily activities without assistance. If a dementia patient is left alone at home, they may do things they will put their lives or your property at risk. Thus, dementia nurses are an essential part of society since they offer specialized care to such patients. The nurse will diagnose the severity of the condition and give the patient the care they deserve.


Learning the symptoms of dementia and taking action early is a perfect option for patients. A patient who has dementia can receive care and get well if the condition is treated early. Here are some of the symptoms of dementia.


Complications Finding Perfect Words


Speaking to each other is part of life for humans. People with dementia may struggle to find the right words to use when communicating with their family or friends. If you converse with a person who has dementia, you may have challenges trying to understand what they mean.




People with dementia may lose interest in things they liked doing in the past. For instance, someone will stop watching soccer even if they were big fans in the past. Furthermore, the individual will have emotional problems such as mood swings.


Difficulty Following Storylines


Challenges following storylines are among the earliest signs of dementia. The individual will not know the progress or the things covered in different television programs. The dementia patient may have to ask people close to them what is happening in the program. If you are speaking to someone with dementia, they might require you to repeat the whole conversation at some point.


Loss of Memory


Many people lose their memory at some point in their life because of various reasons. One of the things that can affect your memory is dementia. When an individual has dementia, they may forget the names of their children, crucial information about their life, simple arithmetic, and many other things. Moreover, the person can forget where they placed an item, which will keep them looking for it.


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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writing Service for Your Book Review

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writing Service for Your Book Review


Definition of a Book Review and Its Relevance


A book review is an in-depth description, evaluation, or critical analysis of the standard, meaning, and importance of a book. Professors will demand that students write reviews for novels and different books to prove they have read and understood the text. When reviewing a book, you should ensure that you include some quotes on different book pages. Furthermore, you have to create a strong thesis statement that will attract the reader’s attention. Writing a book review may not be the simplest task for students, which explains why most of them outsource it with experts.


Gains of Engaging a Writing Company


Timely Completion of the Assignment


Lecturers demand that students complete essays within a specified duration. Nevertheless, you may lack the chance to write the book review because of the tons of jobs you have. Professional writers can complete the task within the shortest time possible and deliver it to you. Give the writing company a deadline for writing the book review, and you can be sure they will meet it.


Plagiarism-Free Content


Many students make the mistake of copying other people’s work without acknowledging them. The professor will not hesitate to punish any student who plagiarizes their work. Employing a writing firm for your book review is the best choice when you want plagiarism free content. The professional writers know how to remove plagiarism from their content and try their best to acknowledge other authors.


Save Time


You will agree that you are taking more than one subject in college. Writing a book review can be an involving task that might eat up some of the time you need to read for other subjects. When you hire a book review expert, you will have time to concentrate on other matters. After submitting the instructions and the book to be reviewed, you can relax, waiting to download it.


Quality Work


The standard of the paper you will submit to your lecturer can determine the marks you will score at the end of the term. If you write a shoddy book review, you will score fewer marks, which will affect your overall grade. Professional writers have reviewed multiple books in the past, which means they have substantial experience. The specialists will use the right format, write a quality introduction, discuss what you like or dislike in the book, and conclude the essay correctly.




Book reviews are an invaluable part of a student’s academic journey. A book review will convince the lecturer that the student has read and understood the book. Writing the book review can be challenging, which makes students hire expert writers. The benefits of professional writing services are quality work, time-saving, plagiarism-free reviews, and timely completion of the assignment. Essaysforpay should be your best writing company if you need a quality book review.




Traits you Should Not Miss As a Nurse

Personality Traits and Skills of an Excellent Nurse


Nursing is an invaluable career because it creates a link between the patient and the doctor. Although nurses may not treat a patient, they help them with the recovery journey. The nurse will be assisting patients in taking medicine, washing patients, and helping doctors to discharge their mandates and many other things.


If you have chosen nursing career, you must have some characters that will help you excel in the field. Knowing some of the things that you need to be the best nurse will give you an upper hand over your colleagues in the sector. Visit our website to see more nursing articles.


Traits of a Nurse




Sick people pass through a rough time when they are in the hospital bed. Nurses will help the patient deal with the frustration that comes with ailments and give them hope. An excellent nurse will be compassionate and sympathetic to each individual they serve. A nurse is not someone who can laugh at the patient or tell them they are in their dying moments.


Communication Skills


Communication skills are invaluable in a nursing career. The nurse should be able to follow the directions given by the doctor and communicate with the patient and their families. Terminally ill patients might not be in a position to say things for themselves; the nurse should anticipate the patient’s needs and pass them to the family. Furthermore, the nurse should communicate well with the physicians to ensure the patient receives proper care.


Problem-Solving Skills


Great nurses must have quality judgment, and they can think fast to determine and solve a problem. Patients will have different symptoms and complications, even if they have the same disease. A nurse must be ready to come up with a customized way to handle the patient so that they recover quickly. The nurse should be ready to consult with other healthcare providers if they are unsure about how to solve an issue concerning their patients.




At times, some nurses will not hesitate to call patients and their families all manners of names when discharging their mandates. People who have been disrespected by a nurse may hate the hospital and swear not to come there again. As a nurse, someone must be willing to respect everyone they interact with when doing their job. The nurse can show respect to the patient by maintaining the confidentiality and respecting their wishes.


The article has discussed the traits of a nurse, such as respect, problem-solving, caring, and communication skills. The traits of an excellent nurse are an endless list that we cannot cover in this text. Consider clicking on this link to get more characteristics of the best nurse.

How to Write the Best Essay

Ideas for Writing a Perfect Essay




People might choose a career that will not earn them the best jobs to avoid writing essays. Essays and research papers can give the writer substantial pressure. Nevertheless, you must understand that you will have to write essays in high school or university regardless of your course. Essay writing is essential for all students since it shows their mastery of the topic and earns marks. If you want to prepare the best essay, you should know some valuable tricks to follow. Continue reading the paper to see some ideas for writing a perfect essay.



Create a Title


The most valuable step in writing an essay is fully understanding what you will address. Regardless of the quality of the essay you write, you may not earn high marks if you fail to answer the professor’s question. Ensure you know the research you should conduct to get answers for the prompt and the length of the essay you will write. Furthermore, you have to understand if the prompt is requesting your opinions or facts.


Create a Thesis Statement


A thesis statement is a sentence that explains what you intend to discuss in the paper. Ensure you create a brief thesis statement but one that will carry all the primary points you will discuss in the paper. Do not forget your thesis statement when writing the essay to ensure that you stick to the main points.


Make an Outline


Many people make a mistake by writing the paper without coming up with an outline. You should know that your points may not flow properly if you do not have a plan. Considering creating an outline of some of the things you will write on the paper. The right move when making an outline is using your thesis statement as the true north.


Start With the Body, Not the Introduction


Students may not write a quality essay when they start by introducing a paper they have not written. Although the introduction is the first part of the essay, you cannot afford to start with it. Consider writing the body before the introduction to have an idea of the things you will be discussing. After writing the body, you will not have a hard time creating the introduction of your essay.


Use Credible Sources


In-text quotations and references are invaluable when it comes to proving the credibility of your details. The lecturer requires students to use credible sources of data when writing the paper. Ensure you will use things such as scholarly journals, textbooks, NPR articles, peer-reviewed articles, and many others. Consider searching for Google Scholar if you are interested in the best sources of information for your essay.


Conclude the Essay


The conclusion should begin by paraphrasing the thesis statement. You should know that this is the last part of the essay that should show whether you answered the prompt. The conclusion should address the main point raised in the body paragraphs and proof the thesis statement.


As mentioned in the introduction of this item, writing an essay is among the most daunting tasks for students. If you lack time to prepare your paper even after reading our article, consider outsourcing essay writing with the experts. Here at Essaysforpay, we guarantee you a quality paper plus free references.




 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the Conclusion of Your Essay

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the Conclusion of Your Essay


What Is An Essay Conclusion?


An essay’s conclusion is the last paragraph that summarizes the thesis statements and arguments brought forward in the body. The conclusion should show the reader why the essay matter to them. Students must understand that the essay conclusion is the last part the reader interacts with when reading the essay. Therefore, it is invaluable to write a quality conclusion to leave the reader with the best impression.


Most students never believe that writing a conclusion can be challenging, like other things about the essay. For instance, the student can have a hard time choosing the title of the essay or write an introduction. Nonetheless, writing a perfect conclusion of the essay can be equally challenging because of the things involved. Ensure you do not make the errors that other students commit if you want to attract high marks from the professor. Hire us as Essaysforpay to get a quality paper with an amazing conclusion.


Errors Not To Make When Writing the Conclusion of Your Paper



Adding New Content or Arguments


The conclusion of an essay should not be where you raise arguments that were unavailable in the body. Adding something you did not discuss in the paper’s body will require substantiating it with facts. Reflect the arguments you have made on your essay and show the reader their importance to the topic.


Just Summarizing Your Body Paragraphs


Remember that you have said all the things your essay will be touching on when writing the introduction. Although an essay should look at what you have discussed in the body, you must avoid repeating complex statements you have made in the body. Consider writing a concise summary of the arguments you have made in your essay. Doing this allows the reader to digest all the issues you have discussed in the paper without any challenges.


Repeating the Thesis and Main Idea


It is undeniable that the thesis and primary idea should be part of your conclusion. Nevertheless, you must not copy and paste the sentences on your conclusion since you will be mimicking the introduction. Paraphrase your thesis statement and ensure you are using words that the reader will understand.


Using a Weak Statement


As mentioned earlier in this item, your conclusion must show the reader the value of your essay and the arguments you have raised. The statement you use at the end of the essay must not leave questions in the reader’s mind. Your conclusion statement must give the reader that your essay met the goals you had in your introduction in uncomplicated terms.




Writing a conclusion of an essay is invaluable when you want to win the heart of a reader. The conclusion must show the reader what you have discussed in the body and your discoveries. If you want to know how to write a good essay conclusion, you should click this link.


Why You Should Pursue a Career in Nursing

Why You Should Pursue a Career in Nursing


Nurses are an essential part of the health care industry since they look after patients. A nurse will use their expertise in the field to help a patient recover from their health challenge. Nursing requires that professionals respect human dignity and possess intuition for patient’s wants. Furthermore, a nurse has to keep learning new ideas to be experts in their work. Reach out to us if you want help with a nursing assignment. Read this article to the end if you doubt whether you should be a nurse.


Plenty of Job Opportunities


Graduates around the world have been complaining about the lack of jobs after graduation. Statistics show that the world is short of at least 800,000 nurses currently. Furthermore, the world population is increasing, which means more nurses are required to care for patients. After graduating from a nursing school, you can be confident you will get employment almost immediately.


Work Anywhere You Want


Different professions restrict people as to where they can deliver their services. For instance, a lawyer may have to stick to offering services in their country because of varying legislation from one country to another. As a nurse, you have an opportunity to deliver your functions anywhere around the globe because patient care is the same.


High Salaries


Although many do not like talking about it, salaries are a motivating factor when choosing a career. If you have been thinking about earning a lot of money after college, you should consider a nursing career. The average wage for a nurse is about $60,000, as per the current statistics. It implies you can have money to do everything you want when you become a nurse.


Serve The Community


Many people look for a way of giving back to society. Nursing is among the few careers that allow you to serve the community while getting some money. As a nurse, you can choose to go to rural areas where you care for the poor or elderly. If you like serving people in need, you will feel good when discharging your nursing services.




Nursing is an invaluable career for anyone who intends to have a quality life. The job allows you to give back to the community, earn more money, get work after school, and many other gains. Consider becoming a nurse if you believe that you have the ability to serve others. Read this article for more advantages of a nursing career.


Definition of Plagiarism and Why It Is Considered Cheating In Academic Writing

Definition of Plagiarism and Why It Is Considered Cheating In Academic Writing


What Is Plagiarism?


Plagiarism is regarded as the use of ideas or work of other people as if it were your own without acknowledging them. However, plagiarism is not involved if the ideas are common knowledge or used logic to conclude. To eliminate plagiarism in your work, you must acknowledge the author through commentary, quotation marks, or footnotes. You must learn that submitting work, whether in part or whole complete by another, is plagiarism, and you must avoid it.


Before submitting your essay or term paper, you must confirm it is original to avoid unwanted consequences. The professor might deny you the marks you desire or cancel the whole project if they learn that your work has plagiarism. If you read this article on how to avoid plagiarism, you can be on the safe side.


Why Plagiarism Is Regarded As Cheating In Academic Writing


A degree shows the competence of the holder in the subject. When the lecturer gives students an assignment, they want them to research the topic to gain maximum knowledge. Plagiarism deprives the student of being a guru in their field of study because they copy other people’s ideas. If a graduate gets employed based on a qualification they lack, they may not deliver the desired results.


Intellectual property rights demand that the ideas of all authors must be protected from them. Plagiarism means you will be copying another person’s work without acknowledging them, which means you will be stealing their ideas. In academic writing, stealing someone else’s idea is unethical, and hence you may be punished when caught.


Scoring high grades in your course are among the primary goals that you have while studying. Nevertheless, you may thwart your target of becoming the best student in your class when you plagiarize. The professor will not hesitate to punish any student they believe has copied other people’s work without acknowledging them. If you intend to avoid the lecturer’s wrath, you should consider writing original work and crediting other authors.




Plagiarism is defined as the deed of copying other individual’s works without crediting them. Plagiarism will occur when the student copies other people’s work without quoting them or writing footnotes. If you plagiarize your work, you risk scoring low marks, being accused of cheating, and lacking expertise in your field of study. In uncomplicated terms, plagiarism is a grave mistake in academic writing, and hence you must avoid it by all possible means. Feel free to order a paper with us at Essaysforpay if you want plagiarism-free content.