History and Theory of Advertising and Public Relations

Find examples of advertisements (not more than 5 years old and not COVID-related) that have been published to make a comeback post-crisis — think Chipotle, Samsung, and Abercrombie. Analyze their messages, images, creativity, target audience and distribution channels (TV, print, digital, radio) used to recover from their situation. Did they address these issues in their ads or focus on something completely new/different? Also, discuss whether these tactics worked based on company sales (go up or down?), overall company affairs (still open or had to close, reorganize), etc (Include real data stats/financial reports to support your analysis).
In your opinion, do you think that the company did a good or bad job at addressing the issue and do you think they had a great or poor comeback post-crisis strategy? Explain. Include at least 2 examples of their ads, a combination of TV, print, digital, and radio, if applicable.
Paper should be at least 2 pages with a works cited page.