Need 4 discussion questions answered 200 words minimum each

B3. Why are employers and employees becoming more interested in decertification elections? What role does each party (union, management, and employees) play in decertification?
B4. Imagine that a textile company is in the middle of negotiations with workers over wage rates, health care costs, and pension benefit plans. The workers feel that their current benefits are not aligned to their geographic region as the area has continued to grow. The cost of living has increased in the area, which has forced the company to demand more hours of producing textiles, but their wages have stayed the same. Discuss how a manager should respond to the workers’ requests so that everyone is satisfied.
G3. Describe the components of the team-building cycle and why it is important to understand each phase. In addition, select one of the six stages and provide a personal/professional example of how you or a current/former leader performed this step during a team-building engagement. In response to other students, continue to share and compare worthy experiences/scenarios to validate your understanding of this team-building process.
G4. Members of any team must value the significance of communication, particularly when setting goals and when attempting to solve problems. One form of communication—feedback—is most helpful when it is given in a descriptive fashion or offers suggestions for members to consider. List and explain several ways team members can share feedback with one another. In addition, share what tactics have proved successful or unsuccessful for you when previously providing feedback to a subordinate, peer, or coworker.