How would you deal with or solve a sexual harassment complaint in a sports facility?

How would you deal with or solve a sexual harassment complaint in a sports facility?


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Sexual harassment complaints seem to be increasing in today’s workplace. There are lots of things that can qualify as sexual harassment. Even if they do not seem to be a big issue, none can be dismissed. If an employee claims to have experienced sexual harassment, the employer has a legal and ethical obligation to investigate the situation (Heathfield, 2019). Potential claims can show up in ways such as gossip from other employees, witnesses bringing it up to Human Resources, or direct accusal from the victim. Cases of sexual harassment extend into the sport world as well. Whether it be in front offices, locker rooms, or recreation facilities, sport managers must be prepared to handle these cases as in any other field.

If I were faced with a situation like this as a manager, I would be sure to conduct a thorough investigation, gathering facts and getting to the bottom of what really happened. I would first speak with the person who is complaining and ask them to tell the full story of what happened. If there were witnesses, I would call them in and ask them to share what they saw. If there are cameras in the area of the facility where it happened, I would go back and watch the tape from the day of the incident and see if I can identify what happened. After talking with the accuser, I would talk to the accused and tell them that they are being investigated and they no acts of retaliation will be tolerated. I would assure them that no action will be taken without evidence of a violation and that we are being thorough in our investigation to collect all information before making any decisions.

From a legal standpoint, cases of sexual harassment require lots of care as not to violate the rights or privacy of anyone. I would probably speak to an attorney about the matter and ensure that we are looking at the whole situation fairly and following the proper steps in the investigation. After the investigation has been conducted, if discipline is necessary, I would explain it to the guilty party so that they understand what they are be disciplined for and what evidence was found to convict them. I would explain to the victim that the proper action has been taken against the person and that things are going to change and they can feel comfortable in their setting again. If the victim does not feel comfortable with the current setting, I would make different assignments or settings for them to work or participate in and assure them that their comfort was a priority.  Some cases may turn up that no rules were actually violated and it could have been a misunderstanding. While no case can be ruled out immediately, it is important to move forward with care and gather all information before assuming someone is automatically guilty.This ensures that all parties are treated fairly and protects the manager from breaking their legal obligations.


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