Rephrase This course focused on analyzing and understanding Infotech and its various


This course focused on analyzing and understanding Infotech and its various concepts and also its practical uses. Most of the time, I was surprised by how quickly changes in the way companies operate are being influenced by the digital revolution. Data has been surrounded by hype, and its various uses have been widely discussed. Its connections to the mind are studied by researchers. Technology has significant influence on blockchain so have learned about that also in this course. Its ability to provide consumers with valuable data is evidenced by its growing popularity.

To get started before taking this course, I had no prior knowledge about advanced information technology and its imports on strategic planning. Through this course, I was able to better understand how infotech and its various concepts will affect various industries such as the human resources industry, Blockchain, AI, Iot and etc. The evolution of Infotech and its associated technologies has permanently changed the way organizations operate. It now enables them to connect employees and employers in a verifiable and trusted manner. It’s important to remember that the full impact of Infotech is unknown because more research and analysis is needed in this field (Newman, 2019). After only a few days on this project, I was assigned to the blockchain department as a Team lead and software engineer, but I’m interested in learning more about how Infotech and blockchain will impact the HR business and performing research on it. As a team lead, I need to undertake more Data analysis activities, and this Infotech imports in strategic planning course lets me use modern data expertise to lighten my work. (Ismail,2019)

I am involved in designing apps and must grasp the impact that every Data might have in the digital world, the above-mentioned aspects are critical for me to comprehend as a Team Lead in a firm that works more with infotech. The material and concepts covered in this course were fascinating, and it was an excellent opportunity for me to gain a better understanding of different viewpoints on IT and Blockchain. As a developer, it is critical for me to grasp each concept and how it relates to the data world so that when I create apps for various purposes, they are effective, I see how it can be used to benefit sectors, such as Data Analytics, and how it can assist me in learning more about data and people’s purchasing patterns and thinking. I believe that the present course material has been quite beneficial in helping me grasp many viewpoints that will be relevant to my future profession as a developer. Finally, the knowledge and skills I got from this course have had a significant impact on my job, and I am confident that these courses will introduce me to other elements of IT and its implementation in the coming weeks than what I have learned thus far.