Database for Health Care Week 1 – DB #1 (of2)

Page 1- Week 1 – DB #1 (of2)

Share an example of a database or a tool that utilizes a database that you’ve used in the past that you feel has performance gaps. Examples can be EMRs, data warehouses, or even a non-medical tool such as a traditional business database. Provide an overview of the tool, areas for improvement and whether or not you feel the issue(s) can be corrected or if you feel the organization should start from scratch with a new database.Page 2- Week 1 – DB #2 (of 2)Terminology Questions:Imagine you are designing an EMR for a busy Primary Care Office. Answer the first three questions below based on this need. The fourth question can be answered from a general perspective.Give an example of a field in your database that should never be null. Why?

Why is data integrity important?

What is the difference between OLTP and OLAP databases? In healthcare, why do we need the EDW on top of the OLTP database?

What is the difference between a table and a view?

1st Mini-paper

Everything is explained in the word document but Write 3-5 pages for one topic you choose (including citations) at least. You must use at least three sources outside your text.

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Background: There is great discussion and distress around the subject of conservatorship as it relates to people with disabilities. Whether it be people with medical disabilities/pre-existing conditions, or people with a mental health, developmental, intellectual, or sensory disabilities, the experience of being conserved is daunting for many people with disabilities and their loved ones. However, most people remain unaware of the controversy surrounding the topic of conservatorship until recently with the Britney Spears case. For this assignment, your task is to examine and learn how conservatorship affects the lives of people with a variety of disabilities, as well as their families.
Learning Objectives: Students will summarize three references that address the topic of conservatorship and the disability community.
Students will apply their knowledge of course concepts to the topic of conservatorship.
Students will explore alternatives to conservatorship.
Students will examine the controversies surrounding disability and conservatorship and evaluate their own perspectives on these issues.
Assignment Content RequirementsYou are required to complete the following prompts. For each prompt, please write 1-3 paragraphs.
Summarize and provide your opinion on the controversy of the #FreeBritney (Britney Spears) movement. Explain some of the issues and arguments that you find.
Examine three references on the topic of conservatorship. These references should be a combination of peer-reviewed articles, online sources, or online videos. In your summaries include key points and arguments. Make sure to cite your sources (include a link to your source)
How accessible was it for you to find current, understandable information regarding conservatorship and alternatives to conservatorship? Were there resources in other languages? Non-legaleze resources for families? How accessible is information regarding alternatives to conservatorship for immigrant families who speak other languages, or parents with learning disabilities, etc? What barriers did you discover in your search?
Reflect on what you’ve learned in this course so far and about conservatorship. What are your opinions on the topic? What surprised you? What do you agree or disagree with?
Assignment Format RequirementsMicrosoft Word ONLY
12-point font
2-page minimum
Question/Answer format is acceptable and preferred
No MLA or APA formatting requirement

Automated external defibrillator (AED)

Each student will select a topic in the EMT curriculum / scope of practice, then create a teaching “tool” targeted for EMT students that includes the most important points and information regarding that topic, including the resources/references used (e.g., OCEMS protocols, AHA ECC Guidelines, EMT Textbook, etc.) The tool may be a document, PowerPoint presentation, video, or other creative vehicle.It must be in the scope of practice of an EMT (California), and Orange County to be specific.


The selected topic for this article is THE BLOOD SUPPLY CHAIN The selected mathematical (quantitative) method is DISCRETE MATHEMATICAL SIMULATION MODEL• Identify at least 10 peer-reviewed articles where the mathematical (quantitative) method has been used to address various knowledge gaps for the selected supply chain.

– At least 5 of the selected articles should be published after 2010.• Write a comprehensive literature review on the application of “your selected” mathematical method to design and analysis of “your selected” supply chain and address the following points:– How do the selected mathematical methods work?

– What problems have been addressed in the selected SC using the selected mathematical methods?

– How could the selected mathematical methods help to design and analysis of the selected supply chain?

– What are the limitations of selected quantitative methods?Methods which are used for investigating into the relationship between variables are not considered asmathematical modelling in this assignment. For example, Regression, Logistics Regression, StructuralEquation Modelling (SEM), Partial Least Squares (PLS) are not suitable for this assignment.

Dance Lesson Plan

Needs to be Australian based writing and grammer.

Curriculum is Australia based and all writing must be in own words

Must strongly refer and complete the paper according to the marking rubric.

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This paper has 2 parts–you have to do BOTH-in the same paper1.Here is a website with many fascinating interviews with people from various religions. LISTEN ONLY TO interviews from this group FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT–NOT OTHERS!!!!Listen to TWO or ALL of them and comment on TWO of them: choose several ideas that you find interesting or useful for yourselves. WHICH ideas about Hinduism we have studied in class or you have read about do you see reflected in the interviews?2. Explain and interpret one text or two from the Novak book about Hinduism. Your paper SHOULD NOT HAVE MORE THAN 5 % SIMILARITY ON TURN IT IN!In other words, do not copy paste…I appreciate effort and honesty; I would rather it be YOUR work…even imperfect…rather than some fake perfection.WRITE 900 words OR MORE in correct, grammatical English! Have an introduction in which you give your GENERAL POINT;